Your Adventure Itinerary

This Espíritu Santo island tour has no strict schedule, we deliberately make the itinerary flexible so we can spend more time in some places, enjoy any unexpected wildlife sightings and take advantage of the weather conditions.

We’ll include two snorkeling sessions where you can interact with playful sea lions who may nibble the end of your flipper and spot colorful fish such as angelfish and parrotfish on the coral reefs. We’ll visit the sea lion rockery where these mischievous animals relax in the sun. If weather permits, we’ll take a boat trip around the archipelago so you can appreciate the beauty of the volcanic landscapes.

Depending on the group, we may explore the land too and embark on a hike across the volcanic rocks. We’ll make our way to a private beach to indulge in a deliciously fresh, homemade lunch with ceviche, burritos, organic salad, chocolate, beers, sodas, and fruit.