Swim With Whale Sharks & Sea Lions

Visit Isla Espíritu Santo or Go Whale Watching in Magdalena Bay

Come and explore Baja California’s many ecosystems with marine life experts. Swim with the majestic whale shark or the playful sea lion. Snorkel on coral reefs among the tropical fish on Espíritu Santo Island. Choose a day, overnight, or 2-night whale watching experience in Magdalena Bay where you’ll see gray whales up close or an expedition to swim with marlins. Other ocean activities include surfing(opens in a new tab) and stand up paddleboarding(opens in a new tab) experiences, the opportunity to go sport fishing(opens in a new tab), or hike along the stunning Punta Lobos cliffs(opens in a new tab). Let’s explore together!

A whale shark glides through the water.
A beautiful beach on Espiritu Santo island.
A gray whale approaches the boat in Mag Bay.